The Truth: How To Become A Critical Thinker

The Truth: How To Become A Critical Thinker


By purchasing this workbook you are embarking on a mission of self-fulfillment.  Critical Thinking is growing in need and desire.  Schools are embracing it at all levels.  Institutions are magnifying its focus.  Companies are looking for potential employees that excel at its use.  It’s talked about.  It’s discussed.  It’s highly valued.  You are now engaging in something that is very much needed.  You need it and not just because someone else needs you to need.  You need it because with this skill you magnify and improve your life.

However, as the desire grows, layers increase, complexity becomes a thing of preponderance.  Critical thinking becomes the essential discipline, a philosophical pursuit of logical layers, full of difficulty.  Humans tend to do this with things.  We make them harder.

This workbook is to help you break things down.  It is made for YOU, to clarify a fundamental truth that is inherent in us all.  

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