When Love Is Not Enough
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When Love Is Not Enough

Lawrence Chelton loved hard, but at the same time it was all soft, deep and lasting, filled with a belief that soulmates really do exist.  He would do anything for the woman he loved.  He was tender, caring, strong and protective.  He knew how to stand, and be the man a good woman would truly want … or so he believed.  When the woman he loved left him at the altar he changed.  He lost his belief in love.  He lost his respect for women.  He lost his ability to be decent, to be a good man.  He no longer believed love was enough.  He didn’t know what was enough, what was life fulfilling.  However, after the altar, he felt it was only right to take advantage of as many women as possible, in a depraved attempt to find the truth. To him, they deserved nothing but his contempt. 

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